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Softwall Cleanrooms – Clean room equipment.

Key Features of Softwall Cleanrooms

  • Softwall Modular Clean rooms
  • Transparent PVC Strip Curtains and strip shields, anti-static or non-out gassing polyurethane
  • Free-standing powder-coated steel / SS 304 grade steel support frame
  • One-piece Grip-Track for clean, easy mounting
  • Easy to install, movable, reconfigure, or relocate through heavy-duty casters
  • Positive pressure air circulation (ventilation) configurations
  • Select HEPA Filter / ULPA filter/fan filter unit for cleanliness rating to ISO 5 (Class 100)
  • Softwall clean rooms include flexible with parting strip shields for entrance
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Softwall Cleanrooms

AirKlenz Modular Softwall Cleanroom is precisely designed to meet requirements of a wide range of industries including parts cleaning, disk drive repair, electronic to name a few. The Self Contained Flexible Solutions Softwall Cleanrooms totally freestanding or it can be used in combination with your existing walls and ceiling. The airklenz can be equipped with an internal or external gowning room, single or double doors and pass-thru box. We can easily provide a wide variety of customized solutions of soft wall cleanroom.

The self-supporting ceiling system will accommodate either Fan Driven or ducted HEPA filter systems . Fan filters unit are available with duct collar devices for direct connection to your building HVAC system.

The air passes from your existing atmosphere, through pre-filters and final filter (HEPA) then exits the softwall cleanroom through importance flow dampers.

Airklenz softwall cleanroom is ideal for research semiconductor manufacturing, development facilities, medical, electronics, pharma labs, hygienic food industries and other industries.

Airklenz Softwall Clean rooms is mostly Transparent Rigid panels in acrylic (Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents) (for mirror view), polycarbonate, solid white polypropylene panels or dissipative PVC.

  • Frame- Prefabricated white painted Supported steel frame.
  • Leg- At the bottom of each leg is a standard base plate with four mounting holes for securing to the floor.
  • Ceiling System – Painted support structure, and hepa plenum box.
  • Curtain Panels – both sides are enclosed with clear strip curtain panels with length appropriate to size and classification.
  • Strip Door: Standard access is strip door consisting clear strips overlapped 50mm.
  • Interior Height- Regular inside room height is 7 to 8′, other heights are available.
  • Lighting- the cleanroom light fixtures with energy efficient.
  • Ceiling Panels: Clean guard ceiling panels with sealed edges and white vinyl laminated on one side.
  • Fan Filter Units: the standard sizes 2’x4’or customized.
  • Assembly – Softwall cleanrooms are shipped and easy to assemble anywhere.


Softwall Cleanrooms Specifications


Softwall Cleanrooms Applications

  • Softwall Cleanrooms for Electronics Sector
  • Softwall Cleanrooms for Energy
  • Softwall Cleanrooms for Engineering
  • Softwall Cleanrooms for Healthcare
  • Softwall Cleanrooms for Laboratory
  • Softwall Cleanrooms for Pharmaceutical
  • Softwall Cleanrooms for Food Industry
  • Softwall Cleanrooms for Life Science
  • Softwall Cleanrooms for Micro Manufacturing Industry

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Airshower Specifications

  1. The air shower system is auto controlled interlocking systems , the entry and exit door is electronically interlocked, and Photoelectric sensor suited
  2. Air shower systems is made (CONSTRUCTION) from SS304 , GI POWDER COATED
  3. Air thru nozzles,handls,hingess ,doors are made from stainless steel 304
  4. The airshower system design is modular type , it is easily to transport and assembly anywhere
  5. Air shower duration time is adjustable from 10 sec to 99sec, and finished air shower time is displayed;
  6. The main function of the airshower is purify the dust air it is used HEPA filter(0.3micron) and Pre filter
  7. A disposable / washable pre-filter with 90% arrestance of dust air to extends the life of the main HEPA filter.
  8. The AIR THRU Nozzle is two types adjustable and ordinary.
  9. Hepa filter (0.3 micron)
  10. Stainless steel 304 or Galvanized
  11. Emergency switch/fluorescent lamp


Airshower Applications

Cleanroom Applications:

The greatest source of particulate contamination in a cleanroom is the operator. Air showers are installed between change areas and the cleanroom. The air shower enhances

Cleanroom operating protocol by serving as a reminder to all operators that they are entering a controlled environment. Personnel therefore develop the habit of gowning up properly before entering the air shower.

Pharmaceutical and Lab Animal Research Applications:

  • Air showers keep pharmaceutical production and lab animal breeding areas clean and also minimize egress of hazardous substancesand allergens from the controlled environment.
  • Air is forced by the blower(s) throughULPA filter(s) which are >99.999% efficient against particles size between0.1 to 0.3 microns.
  • Filtered air is ejected through nozzles at high velocities into the chamber.
  • These turbulent air streams disperse particulate matter on all surfaces.
  • Dispersed particulate matter migrates with the air stream towards the lowerareas in the air shower chamber.
  • Air enters the blower supply plenum through pre-filter(s) installed at the base of thechamber.
  • The air is continuously filtered and recirculated. The air shower is a self-contained device and does not exchangeair with the environment in which it is placed.
  • A disposable pre-filter with 85% arrestance extends the life of the main filter.
  • The air shower is constructed of electro galvanized steel sheets with an abrasion-resistant oven-baked powder coated finish.
  • The air shower is constructed of SS 304 /SS 304L MAT finish.
  • Air Shower is exclusively factory tested for safety and performance in accordance with international standards.
  • In case of a power failure, automatically all doors are unlocked Optional parts
  • Infrared sensor auto door
  • ULPA filter
  • Stainless steel or Galvanized
  • No base plate, it is easy for truck to pass
  • fluorescent lamp / Emergency switch

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