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Sampling Dispensing Booth – Clean room Equipment.

  •  Lockable castors wheel on all legs
  • Easy to transport to one area to another area
  • Sample Ready to within 2 minutes of start up
  • Air changes per hour- Over 600
  • Easy Installation & Portable
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Sampling Dispensing Booth – Clean room equipment

Supplier of Sampling & Dispensing Booth in India.Sampling booth / Dispensing booth is purifying apparatus. Unidirectional vertical laminar flow Class ISO5 (Class100).

The Raw materials and compounds are refilling, weighing, filling, and sampling. It is provided with high efficiency HEPA filter, which averts the airborne dusts by down flow of air technique. The unit eliminates powder contamination to protect the operator and the surrounding environment.

Dispensing booth removes powder contamination in order to protect the operator (user) and the nearby environment and is used for weighing, mixing and dispensing of powder. The sampling / dispensing booth is the re-circulation of air principle.

The weighing room is one kind of clean equipment which used in micro-organism research, pharmacy and scientific experimentation, it can supply the single and multi-way airflow, and clean air (HEPA AIR) will be circulated in the working area, the other part will be exhaust outside, it can make the working area negative pressure to prohibit cross population, it can guarantee the working area with high clean grade.

The focus weight room is one kind of specialized working room which particularly used in specimen (sampling), analysis industry and weighting, it control the working area powder to prohibit them off the working room. The sampling / dispensing booth is special equipment to control the powder floating, protect user (operators) not breath the user operated powder (User Safety).The center weight room’s working area will be keep at negative pressure condition, exhaust 10% re-circulated air. The small chamber air in center weighting room will pass through three grade filter system HEPA (high efficiency filter will remove 99.99% granules ≥0.3um) to make personal circulated. It controls the powder floating, mixture surplus during process of powder examination, and mixture filling. It can protect the WORKING environment and USER safety.


Technical Specifications

  • Materal of construction : GI Powder Coated / SS-304 / SS-316
  • Three Stage filtration
  • Pre Filter (90% down to 10 micron)
  • Intermediate Filter (Efficiency:95% down to 3 Microns).
  • Final Supply Filter HEPA Filter of H14 Grade.
  • Efficiency:99.99% down to 0.3 Microns.
  • Exhaust Filter with suitable size.
  • Efficiency: 99.99% down to 0.3 Microns.
  • Assembly the Motor Blower for Statically & Dynamically balanced with suitable
  • Air Cleanliness: Class ISO 5 (class 100)
  • Air Flow Rate:0.45 + 0.1m/sec.
  • Noise Level: Less than 70 DB ‘A’.
  • Vibration Level: Minimum.
  • ON/OFF Switches ( FL /BL / UV)
  • Differential Pressure : Magnehelic Gauge
  • Additional 3 Pins Switch’s & Socket


Sampling Dispensing Booth Applications

Product Dispensing
Large scale dispensing & weighing
Pharma industry
Dispensing of raw materials
Chemical industry
Tablets manufacturing
Healthcare industry
Vaccine manufacturers
Food processing industry

Sampling booth
Pharma industry
Tablets Manufacturer
Vaccine manufacturers
Food processing industry

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