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Laminar Air Flow

AirKlenz Cleanrooms laminar flow cabinets deliver a higher level of product protection. Our products design reduces user fatigue and improves process accuracy. We develop & design customized laminar flow hood to your clean room & other research applications requirements.

Laminar or minimal-turbulence air-flow systems are used to control the particulate contamination and create the dust free environment. In general, the units consist of a bank of ultrahigh-efficiency 0.3 micron (HEPA) filters enclosed in a cabinet or hood. The cleanliness of the air is independent of activities occurring down- or cross-stream laminar flow hood or tissue culture work station is a cautiously enclosed bench designed to avoid contamination of, organic samples, semiconductor wafers or any particle sensitive materials. The cabinet is usually made of stainless steel and galvanized steel.  It’s equally constructed to horizontal and vertical, and there are many different types of cabinets with a variety of flow air patterns and suitable uses..

Why Laminar AIR  Flow Cabinets? (LAF)

LAF create particle-free operational environments by projecting air through a purification system laminar flow can be applied three common areas in the field of microbiology:

(i) “Product” safety (ii) “Personnel” safety.

(i) “Product” safety, this area includes activities such as critical sterility tests and analyses as shown below.

Tissue culture preparation, Hygienic filling and other processes which necessitate that the material Per se be kept sterilized, but where personnel safety is not a difficult. Regular horizontal laminar airflow clean benches can be used for these techniques.

(ii) Personnel safety. This consists of the processing of infectious material and the injection of pure cultures of pathogenic microorganisms where user or technical personnel must be protected.
Personnel safety is difficult area can be the vertical laminar flow cabinet (Vlaf). Vlaf supply of HEPA (high efficiency filtered air) filtered air down through into the work area. Vertical laminar air flow is user friendly systems.