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Biosafety Cabinets – Clean Air Products

Key Features of Bio Safety Cabinets

  • Even air flow systems are providing firm protection to individual and environment
  • Energy savings high efficiency, low noise level control
  • The user working table for ss 304 grade, easy to cleaning.
  • Body of the cabinet constructed in different material: SS 304, AND GI POWDER COATED
  • Negative pressure for surrounding Working area, it can make sure maximum safety in work zone
  • UV lamp for sterilization
  • Soft touch control panel, and LCD display
  • Negative pressure type vertical laminar flow
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Biosafety Cabinets – Clean room equipment

The Biological safety cabinet is designed for product, personal and protection of the environment. Bio safety cabinet is a negative pressure safety device which widely used in microbiology, biomedicine, clinical research, life science, animal experimental, gene recombination and scientific research for biological products, teaching, clinical examination, production and pharmaceutical laboratory. It adopts advanced air decontamination technology and negative pressure box designing, and it understand the protection of the environs, users and models(sample),furthermost basic safety equipment in laboratory and eco-friendly protection.

Biological safety cabinet culture, for the operation of the major strains and diagnostic specimens with infection of experimental materials, used to protect the operator, laboratory environment as well as the experimental materials, to avoid infectious aerosols and splatter on the operating process in the possible exposure and design”

Cabinet Purpose:
Three basic types of protection:
Personnel safety from hazardous agents inside the cabinet
Product safety to avoid contamination of the work, testing or process
Environmental friendly protection from contaminants contained within the cabinet


Biological Safety Cabinet Selection

Class 1
Harmless and known characteristic bacterial, microbe and virus don’t need this specialized   protection in that class, no need to use biological safety cabinet.

Class 2
Would cause disease and moderate level dangerous bacterial, microbe and virus. In that class, ought to take effective protection for user, recommending to use Class Ⅱ biological safety cabinet. Class Ⅱ have two kinds A2 (70% inner circulating, 30% discharge) and B2 (100% discharge) are optional.

Class 3
Would fatal bacterial, microbe and virus but could cure .we must take effective protection for operator, it is necessary to use ClassⅡ and Class Ⅲ.
Class 4 Would fatal bacterial, microbe and virus but could not cure. Not only require the operator with Skiller operation training, but also strictly master relative protection steps, must use Class biological safety cabinet.

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Bio safety Cabinets Applications

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