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Air Curtains – Clean room equipment.

  • Creates much more comfortable environment for employees & customers
  • Saves energy, by keeping the heating or cooling inside the building
  • Allows easy access through openings, increasing safety
  • Improves indoor air quality by keeping fumes, insects, and dust out
  • Air curtains reduced door maintenance
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Air Curtains – Clean room equipment

AirKlenz making a quality of air curtains for all types of industries. Its create a continuous barrier of air over any window, entrance/exit doors, shops, supermarkets, stores, hotels, restaurants, research laboratories, clean room entrance, cargo entrance, reception and hospitals areas and etc.

AirKlenz’s Air curtains are perfect technique to obtain a hygienic and dust free environment for any type of environment. The idea behind those air curtains especially for doors is that restricting hot air from coming indoors and they keep (maintain) the perfect room temperature.

Utility and applications

To find the various applications in various industries mainly connected with keeping the hygienic and dust free (clean) environment.

Advantages of using

Our air curtains are real nuisance (pest) control system, it helps in regulating the airflow. It also acts as an unlimited barrier against pollution airborne dust and fumes.



Air Curtains Specifications


Air Curtains Applications

Air Curtains can be used in many types of applications. Here are a few:
Industrial Climate Control
Air Conditioned Areas
Industrial Oven Openings
Dust and Humidity Control
Commercial Entrances
Insect Control
Cold Storage

Air Curtain Applications:
Cold Storage Facilities
Warehouse/Distribution Centers
Food Processing Plants
Loading Docks
Commercial Front Door Entrances
Retail Stores
Fast Food Restaurants

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