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AirKlenz Clean Rooms are Dust Free Environment. Whole manufacturing facilities can be controlled within clean rooms with factory floors covering thousands of square meters. They are used extensively in the life sciences, biotechnology, semiconductor manufacturing and other fields that are very sensitive to environmental contamination.

We experienced in the industry with more than 15 years, we are highly confident and working with dedication to provide its customers with a high quality standard of laboratory equipments and instruments at economical price.

Our product range of Laminar Air Flow based, Biological Safety Cabinets, Air Shower, Pass Box, Air Curtains, Dispensing Booths, Clean Room Tent, Laboratory Fume Hood, clean room equipment, clean room accessories and variety of complementary products and systems to serve the laboratory community.
We introduce our nature as a fabricator and manufacturer of Mild steel & Stainless Steel fabrication projects.

Airklenz is dedicated to providing quality and trustworthy services to our valuable clients throughout the industries we serve. Every issue we meet on a project is presented with a possible solution not just a potential problem.

Our enthusiastic efforts in offering clean room equipment, HEPA Filter calibration & AMC Services , certain call services, installation , puff panel works that comprises of service and validation. Airklenz team of dedicated and professionally trained to workforce offers the right solution for any problems pertaining to HEPA filtration systems and ultra-modular clean room systems.

Our Applications & Supply clean room equipment to Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic Labs, Veterinary , Bio Chemistry, Health Care Centers, , Biotechnology, Tissue culture, Botany, Hospitals, Universities, Biotech.Food & Beverage industries, Education Centers, Research & Development Centers, Oil Industries & Petrochemicals Industries.

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